A week of international arts, media and culture
Tuesday 23 August – Saturday 27 August
Department of Media Arts, Wintec, Collingwood St

SPARK is a one-of-a-kind, one-week-only, once-a-year celebration of contemporary arts organised by the Creative Industries Research Centre in conjunction with Wintec's Department of Media Arts in Hamilton. SPARK offers non-stop talks, exhibitions, panel discussions and entertainment from the cultural cutting edge, five days running.

SPARK 05 (our sixth SPARK) will provide you with an information and entertaining week featuring a dynamic array of national and international artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, critics, writers and multi-media and inter-disciplinary practitioners. Past SPARK guests have included artists Ricky Swallow, Lisa Reihana and Cherine Fahd; designers Rinzen, Futurefarmers and Matt Owens; film makers John Barnett (Whale Rider) and Christine Jeffs (Rain); writer Tim Corballis and hip-hop musicians The Dubious Brothers - to name but a few.


Chimene Del La Varis
Chris Chetland
Dave Baxter
Deborah Challinor
Daniel Malone
Eugene Hansen
Heather Galbraith
Jay Wahid
James Lynch
Jenny Gillam
Joshua Davis
Lara Bowen
Leah King-Smith
Leigh Van Der Stoep
Michael Redman
Nadine Christensen
Paul Carter
Rachael Lennard
Rebecca Cannon
Rob Garrett
Rosemary Mcleod
Sally Morgan
Shuchi Kothari
Stewart Harris
Tim Walker
Victor Stent
Wayne Barrar

To keep up to date with who's coming, what they're all about and when they'll be appearing, check out our Programme + Profiles page.


And, of course, no SPARK would be complete without other exciting events, because that's what SPARK is about: giving everyone a chance to fuse their energy and ideas, then watch the sparks ignite!

Trolley Company Call for Proposals

The Mobile Art Gallery for Spark 05. The trolley is a great venue for small displays and comes with a range of accessories to support painting based works, sculptures, sound installations and other mediums.

Download proposal here: Trolly Company Call (50 kb)

Picking Up From Where We Left Off

Attention contemporary art enthusiasts: Itch no more for a fun show. Turn your charm and artistic genius to designing a fresh bookmark to be exhibited at Spark 05, an international art event.

The Picking Up From Where We Left Off website is now online at this address:

Download show specifics (in pdf format) here: Bookmark Show Details (10 kb)


So register now for SPARK 05 - just visit our Registration page.

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Sparks gone by

Websites for 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 Spark events have been archived and are available here:

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For a list of things to do and see in Hamilton during SPARK 05 down time, click here.